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We know you're not alone when it comes to being overwhelmed with the amount of data you need to sort through. We simplify data quality so you can focus on your business and your customers.

John Muehling

Chief Executive Officer

A Message from John

It is no secret that there is a ton of really crappy data out there!  Over a career that has spanned nearly two decades, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been confounded by the amount of bad data being used by businesses and the relative laissez-faire attitude about cleaning it up.  I've observed the battles with data integrity up close while I served as a Martech consultant for renowned brands such as AbbVie and T. Rowe Price. Working alongside marketing operations teams, I've seen firsthand how issues with data integrity can thwart marketing efforts and frustrate teams as they strive to create simple segmentations that are crucial to enabling the delivery of impactful messages that drive conversions.

These challenges underscore a vital truth: many organizations, despite their robust capabilities and vast resources, need help unlocking the full potential of their data. While some of that struggle is rooted in simple inaction, much of it is due to their inability to cleanse their data efficiently.

This realization fueled my commitment to find a solution, leading to the creation of DataGence, a pioneer of Data-Quality-as-a-Service. At DataGence, we believe in the power of pristine, actionable data that delivers actionable intelligence. We are not just a company—we are your strategic partner in ensuring that every piece of data adds value to your business. We bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights, crafting a future where data isn’t just an asset, it's indispensable to achieving business success.

Meet the Team

Introducing our exceptional team, the visionary minds behind pioneering Data Quality as a Service, dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in every aspect

Director of Services

Jessica is a marketing operations and automation leader with a passion for problem solving and building high performing and diverse teams. She's a naturally collaborative leader who fosters human connection and an empathetic people-first approach in a data-driven world.

Director of Operations​

Tony brings more than two decades of expertise and leadership in IT operations & business technology management. Adept in project & change management, cost optimization, DevSecOps, and quality control, Tony's vision for organizational growth centers around active collaboration, ethical leadership, and adherence to core values.


Strategic controller with expertise in financial management, data analysis, and operational oversight, driving growth in data-centric enterprises.

Director of HR

Strategic and results oriented HR director with over 12 years experience of comprehensive experience in talent acquisition, data analysis, benefits administration, compensation management, process improvement, and HRIS implementation and management.

Executive Assistant/HDE

Regarded executive assistant with a keen eye for detail and a knack for effectiveness and finesse. She walks with scissors most of the time but can get things done quickly under the most pressuring of circumstances. Her vast experience ranging from work with non-profits to Fortune 500 companies is a welcomed addition to our team.

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