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DataGence's approach to data quality flows through six critical operations, which we call the VESPAS Processing Engine (VPE). Each of these checkpoints represents a fundamental step in elevating the quality of your data and making it highly actionable for your organization.

Core Solution
VESPAS Processing Engine


Our process starts by validating every record in your database. This step is especially crucial for master data. We validate against our Global Identity graph, which is built using a proprietary, multi-source methodology that is paired with observational data to verify the accuracy and authenticity of each record.


Once validated, our enrichment process can add layers of data to your existing records. Again, we use proprietary technology to avoid overwriting existing values thereby delivering accurate and actionable data customized to your business needs.


We standardize to our client's specifications, but in lieu of established criteria, we match against ISO 8000 to enforce uniformity across all data sets. This step is crucial for accurate segmenting, reporting, and analysis.


Although every step of our process is vital to overall database health, few aspects of data quality are more important than preventing duplicates. Our purify step is unparalleled in its ability to ensure unique values, even in the most remote edge cases.


With increasing emphasis on data privacy and user preference, this checkpoint is vital. Gaining and managing consent to communicate is one of today's most important data management tasks. We provide a turnkey structure for maintaining compliance and ensuring the highest ethical standards are practiced in your data interactions.


Deliver actionable data to your downstream systems via our AI-enabled segments. Output audiences for personalized experiences, offers, or other marketing tactics. Enhance your reporting with actionable intelligence segments.

Master Data Management

For Marketing and RevOps

Target your audience and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time!

Those words (or some form of them) have likely appeared in every Martech sales deck since the early 2000s – but the reality is quite different. Marketing and Revenue Operations professionals have struggled and continue to struggle with realizing this vision. For many, it remains a dream, but that is about to change.

With our VESPAS processing engine, you can validate, enrich, standardize, cleanse, dedupe, segment, and manage privacy with one platform. No more complex or clumsy integrations, no more time spent on matching non-standardized values to create segments, and NO MORE DUPLICATES.

Master Data Management for Marketing and RevOps changes the game.

  • Validation, Enrichment, and Standardization
  • Achieve Real-time 360° Records
  • Deduplication (that actually works!)
  • AI-Guided Data Governance
  • Privacy and Preference Management
  • Unified Reporting and Automation

AI Ready Data

For Optimizing Technology

Artificial intelligence only works when you actual 'intelligence' (data) is accurate. The reliability of an AI solution is only as reliable as your data.

Why would you go through the time and expense of implementing an AI solution that is going to base its learning on bad data? Exactly. You wouldn't.

AI prediction models rely on historical data, making the Accuracy and Reliability of your data the foundation for a successful integration of an AI solution. Clean data is critical for efficiency in convergence of machine learning algorithms, helping to remove biases, and ensuring that AI prediction models are fair and represent real-world scenarios.

Yes, data drives AI, but clean data makes AI soar.

  • Accuracy & Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Avoiding Bias
  • Interpretability & Trust
  • Resource Optimization
  • Enhance Generalizations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Better Use Experience

The DataGence VESPAS processing engine will get your data AI-ready so you can optimize your investment and leverage actual intelligence in your deployment of AI.

Unleash Your
Actionable Intelligence

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